Ospreys, Bald Eagles and Caracaras from Florida and Alaska.

Photography has always played an important and deep role in her life, although it has been in recent years when Debra has been immersed into the world of professional image. Through her lens she have learned to appreciate the beauty of all the small things that make up the beautiful world we live in and her photography is the way she speaks.

When did your passion for photography begin?

My photography started back in my teen years with a cheap pocket camera taking pictures of my horses and friends with their horses. Then as the years went on and I became a mother I was always taking pictures of my daughter and all our animals and of course that is still the case.  In later years I purchased a 35 mm Canon AE 1 film camera which was the real start to my photographing everything, but found that my daughter, horses and wildlife were my favorite things to shoot.

Why have you decided, in recent years, to immerse yourself in the world of professional photography?

I started out taking photographs as a hobby; I don’t know that I ever decided to go professional in my photography it just kind of happened for me.

What equipment do you use for your photographs of birds?

Most of my photographs are done with a Nikon D4 and the Nikon 500mm lens with and without a TC.

According to the gallery that you present in this report, you’re living in a great place to practice raptors photography and bird watching. What natural values can be found in your local path in Sunny Florida area?

Florida is a wonderful place to photograph birds as they migrate here for the winter and many of them nest here which watching and documenting the growth of the juveniles is just breath taking.

What method do you use to get pictures so spectacular of raptors? Do you do any biological monitoring or tracking the ospreys and bald eagles in your area?

Photographing raptors you really have to have patience for. We do a lot of research on raptors learning their habits, what type of habitat they live in and what time of year they migrate.

Why bald eagles are your favorite bird?

Bald Eagles are a very proud and majestic bird, they are so beautiful to watch soar thru the sky. They are very caring and dotting parents showing so much tenderness with the eaglets what’s not to love about this beautiful bird.

schmidt_mitThrough your webpage you distribute a custom accessory for photo cameras and telephoto lenses. What is camera covers “Schmidt Mit Rain Covers”? Can we get this product in Europe? and, where can be purchased your photographs?

Schmidt Mit Rain Covers are a protective rain cover to keep your camera and lens dry in the rain and protected from other elements like salt air & sand.
As far as shipping to Europe I have not researched that as of yet but can diffenately look into it.
Photographs can be purchased thru my website  just click on the gallery tab.

What have you learned about the world through your camera?

When you pick up a camera and start to walk around looking for things to photograph it really opens your eyes to how much beauty is in our world and I love to photograph the beauty to share with others.

Interview by J.M. Escarabajal (Birding Murcia)
The images that appear in this article are the property of Debra Schmidt is necessary to request permission to the author for publication or any other use of the same.
“Birders Around The World” is an idea promoted by the Association Southeast Alive (Sureste Vive) through the Project Birdingmurcia.

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