(Southeast Alive)          WHO WE ARE?


SURESTE VIVO is a non-profit association founded in 1999 which aims to promote and encourage the study of Southeast Natural Heritage of the Iberian Peninsula, broadcast and publicize their ecological values and contribute to the conservation and protection of biodiversity, promoting socio-cultural dynamics based on the economic development and environmental education.

Sureste Vivo is a partnership initiatives driving study, dissemination and protection of nature. Its members have extensive experience (which in many cases exceed 20 or 25 years of experience) in different fields related to ecology, conservationism and traditional culture which gives it character. The team pioneered many initiatives and projects  environmental education, ecotourism, biological monitoring, applied ecology, etc …

The activities carried out with Sureste Vivo fall within the following areas:

  • Environmental Disclosure.
  • Environmental education and training.
  • Work study, research and biomonitoring.
  • Study of Traditional Culture.
  • Initiatives for ecodevelopment.
  • Promotion of Ecotourism.

The main objectives of  Sureste Vivo include:

  • Education for the respect of the Environment.
  • Protection of natural resources in Iberian Southeast .
  • Disclose the natural and traditional culture.
  • Contribute to the sustainable development of our natural spaces and our territory.
  • Revaluation of natural resources as an engine of sustainable development.
  •  Encourage Eco dynamics conducive to the creation of jobs, direct and indirect, for local people.

In this line of objectives is Project Birding Murcia through which seeks to realize its Sureste Vivo proven experience in guided observation, environmental education, environmental interpretation and follow-up study in Southeast Iberian birds for over 25 years, through an initiative innovative and pioneering ornithological tourism in the Region of Murcia. The impetus for this project aims to reconcile economic development of local populations to the conservation of birds in Murcia.

Birding Murcia is also an attempt to save biodiversity, traditional culture and customs of this land, with the hope that our concerns and our work effectively contribute to a more harmonious and sustainable development of our territory. Through our activities we try to make an exciting journey through the geography of the South East, discovering interesting places and knowing their natural values, its fauna, flora, landscapes and ecosystems, their most ancient traditions, crafts, folklore, rural architecture, their wisdom and their particular ethnological heritage.

In short , rediscover a way of life more natural and environmentally friendly for all.

All activities undertaken by Birding Murcia are  under a Code of Ethics which ensures that our activities do not interfere negatively in the state of conservation of ecosystems and the behavior and life cycle of fauna and flora.

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