“Digiscoping from the heart of the Brittany France”

Brian is a Scottish professional musician (Celtic rock vocalist) settled in Brittany France.  Besides music, Digiscoping is his other main passion. So Brian images flow through the lens of his telescope like the notes of his musical compositions. Although Brian thinks that he still has a long way to go and that his images are not going to win any competition (but that is not his goal) … He has already won our appreciation.. Enjoy them!!

© Brian McCombe

When did your love of wildlife start and when did you get interest in photography naturalist?

As a very young boy and my interest in photography started in March 2010.

What photographic equipment do you use?

Kowa Prominar 883 Angled Scope.Nikon 1 V1 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1.

Why you have chosen the technique of digiscoping?

It is a challenge and if succesful we can achieve great detail.

Digiscoping versus Standard Bird photography. Do you think that it is more difficult the Digiscoping that conventional photography?

Digiscoping presents a greater challenge as we do not have the flexibility of movement as our SLR colleagues. In flight shots are very rare as it is difficult to get the scope on the bird and very difficult to keep it in focus. Advantages: With powerful scopes we can get closer and obtain incredible detail. Composition is NOT the priority, Feather and eye detail are more precise.

Are birds naturalistic shooting mode you like best? Any particular species?

Yes,birds. None in particular I love them all.

You have an awesome photo collection! Do you work at this professionally or publish your photographic work somewhere?

No. But when I am truly satisfied,maybe I will have an exibition of my work one day. Actually publish my photos on Facebook and Flickr .

Any advice for those who want to start digiscoping technique?

My advise to people starting Digiscoping: Do not compromise on quality of Spotting Scopes. Only the best is good enough. Kowa, Swarovski, Zeiss or Leica. These are simply the best models for digiscoping. The top Digiscopers in the world are using these.

Cameras: Difficult to be precise,there are many on the market, some really excellent. I use the Nikon 1 V1 and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1. My next camera will be the Panasonic Lumix GX2 again a great camera.

You have a band of Celtic music (The Brian McCombe Band). Do you find inspiration in the birds and the natural world for your compositions?

Yes I am a lover of Open Spaces and sometimes it is related in the songs I write.

Finally, tell us something about the work we see on this page?

Just say every image you see i am very proud of. I hope your readers enjoy them.

Interview by: J. M. Escarabajal (Birding Murcia)



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