Birding Over Morocco

Conrado Requena is one of the promising young birders in  Murcia and also a student of the “Workshop on the Nature of the People’s University of Cartagena”. Since the age of 12, he picked up a camera borrowed from his father, and he began taking photographs of wildlife. This tireless and committed naturalist presents a gallery of his trip to Morocco.

How did your passion for nature and wildlife begin?

Since I have memories I have always liked animals. Between 6 and 9 years of age I enjoyed observing nature, and whenever I had a chance to look for animals placed in the fields and in the gardens … At the age of 10 I started going to the “Workshop on the Nature of the People’s University of Cartagena”, and it was there that I began my love for birds. I have more experience in bird watching, but the truth is that I like to watch all kinds of wildlife!

What equipment did you start with in your wildlife photography? And what equipment do you use now?

I started taking pictures of nature, especially birds, with a real SLR, the Nikon F-65, and a 70-300 telephoto. Currently I use a digital SLR, the Nikon D-80 with a telephoto lens  170-500 SIGMA, and a digital compact, the Olympus C-70.

What kind of naturalist photography is your favorite?

Undisturbed natural  photos of what I see, photographing every living thing standing in front of my telephoto. And when I have some luck with it I get more or less good images.
I have rarely used hides, although it is an idea that I like to observe and photograph birds, it is a way to see the birds up close with little or no influence on their behavior.

Any preferred species or group in particular?

I have no particular group or favorite species, I like all birds in general. In a matter of identifying birds, I think juveniles and subadults of “large gulls”  are the most difficult to identify.

You have an extensive collection of photographs, do you publish on any media or support?

I have a few good photos of nature but, provided they are not too bad, I like to teach, to make known living things and landscapes that can be seen when you are in touch with nature.
I have posted pictures in wildlife magazines occasionally in nature (Quercus, BVnews and Baladre), in the press, nature guides, brochures, information panels in natural areas, etc.
Many of the photographs are published in the platform “Virtual Biodiversity”: I also publish my photo shoots nature excursions on my personal blog:

Are you involved in any association or conservation project?

I participate, whenever I can, environmental volunteer environmental group “Anse” and I am coordinator of the “Platform Virtual Biodiversity in the Region of Murcia.”

Finally, we introduce you to the exhibit gallery on this page.

The photos in the gallery are from a trip to Morocco I did with 3 friends at Easter 2012. It’s my first trip (and hopefully the first of many) that I made to this country, and certainly worth going for the birding.