“Over the Huesca Pyrenees Lammergeiers”

Daniel is a passionate young bird photographer who presents his work on the Bearded Vulture spectacularly, his work is in the Pyrenees on the Spanish side.

© José Daniel Fernández

How did your love of wildlife start?

From about 7-8 years old I have been interested in wildlife. My father was a hunter, but also a good naturalist, and since I was little boy I would travel with him, (expeditions, meetings, field trips) he would  teach me all about the mountains he knew and its wildlife. When I was 13 years old I bought my first camera a Nikon F50 and went off into the fields to take pictures of everthing I could.

I suppose now you use a different camera?

Yes!, shortly after I bought a Nikon D80 and started to perfect my technique, a few years ago I got a Nikon D300 which I use to this day with these lenses, SIGMA 100-300mm and SIGMA 500mm F.4 F . 4.5. Today I started working with a Nikon VR 500mm F.4

What type of photography appeals to you most?

As I’m still young and have a lot of energy I like walking in the mountains on long routes.  My interest is in the world of birds, especially raptors and the closer to the peaks the better … The landscapes and views are for when I’m older!!!

Any kind of bird in particular?

Well, although I have a passion for large raptors such as Bonelli’s Eagle or Lammergeier, (I love it, it drives me mad) , however it is a small predator the Great Grey Shrike. Maybe since I was attacked by one of them it seems to me a fascinating bird.

You have an awesome photo collection! Do you work at this professionally?

No, I just do this as an amateur for pure personal satisfaction and because I am passionate about wildlife and birds.
Although, the truth is that my profession in the Mountain Rescue Group of the Civil Guard allows me to maintain a close contact  permanently with  nature and this helps me to know the wildlife in its natural environment.

Do you publish your photographic work somewhere?

I do not have much time. Some years ago I published a few things on internet forums like Fotonatura and now currently I collaborate with the project Birding Murcia. I’m thinking of creating a virtual platform to show my work on the internet. I would like to plan something more professional and I am also increasingly interested in sharing work and experiences.

Finally, tell us something about the work we see on this page?

All the photography is of  the  Vultures in the Pyrenees of Huesca and were undertaken in a number of  long sessions using the Nikon D300 and combining the different lenes that I mentioned earlier. Indeed, these photo shoots require a great sacrifice, long walks, long waits, large doses of patience and sometimes cold, very cold … But the effort is always worthwhile!

Interview by: J. M. Escarabajal (Birding Murcia)


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