“Raising the flight over the skies of India”

Nisha represents sap new to the scene of photography of birds. Her youth permeates of vitality and freshness every one of her photos; and the beauty, quality and dynamism of its images amazed and pleasantly surprised as can be seen in this magnificent and spectacular series of birds in flight. Nisha deserves something more than our recognition and possibly in the near future we will see their work published in a professional way. Now enjoy this stunning story because, in this case: an image is worth more than a thousand words.

© Nisha Purushothaman

Hi I am Nisha.

I am not a full time professional photographer, but camera was and is my first love. I have been always in love with birds, wildlife and the natural world for as long as I can remember. I always get thrilled, when through patience, or perhaps a little edible exploitation, a normally timid species accepts me sufficiently to enable a close approach and to allow me and my camera to capture a glimpse of their core essence. Every picture on this report has a story behind it, and my aim is to hopefully share the same with others, something of the beauty and wonder of the natural world that I have been honored to witness and photograph.I hope you find inspiration in what you discover.

Although I love all living things birds have always particularly fascinated me with their beauty, variety and behavior. By photographing plants and insects as a child, my interest in wildlife photography began, and started gL

athering information on each subject I photograph, so I thought that only “.info” will fit with the website as an extension.

My travels and number of hours in the field have produced wonderful opportunities for me to photograph a variety of birds. I am now trying to broaden my remit to capture good images of animals, reptiles, and insects.

I am trying to concentrate more  into bird photography since 2010, when I got introduced to Shutter Bugs Creative Forum a small photo enthusiastics lead by Mr.Muhammed Arfan Asif. Mr.Arfan is a very helpful al-round photographer. I use a Canon 60 D along with Canon 100-400 lens. I find that DSLR have many practical advantages over film, but more importantly, this helps to reduce the usage of paper and being a part of go green movement in my own way.

The digital photographer has to be master of both a camera and computer digital editing techniques, so I have always tried to learn new lessons from various websites, blogs and forums. These are becoming very helpful because I get a fast feedback from around the world.

All images of Nisha are available for purchase as prints or for commercial use. Please contact Nisha in her website.


2012 copyright. all rights reserved nisha


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