Stockholm-Texas Birding Blues

Roger seeks to interact with the birds through his lens trying to capture their behaviors and express what birds you are showing. This time he traveled to Texas to meet new species and be carried away by their evolution; as by the notes of an old Blues.

© Roger Mellroth

How did your love of wildlife start?

I have been birding for 40 years and I was about 11 when I started. As a child you are interested in and do so many things. Some you drop quite quickly but strangely this interest stayed, developed and still gives me a whole lot of pleasure.

How did you start in naturalist photography?

It was not because that I´m very keen in techniques, more a new way for me to interact with birds. Sometimes it helps me out in determination and learning in aging of the birds. And some other time I´m just find myself lost in time trying to get a got photo of a blue tit or a grey owl or whatever the target is and I just love the moment.

What photographic equipment do you use?

It´s my first digital camera and it´s a Nikon D7000 with an 70-200 VR2 lens and a 2x converter.

Do you like any specie in particular?

No, I go for any bird and hope to catch them in some mood that tells something about what that bird gives me. But in general – the smaller they are the bigger and the more fun is the challenge. The hummingbirds were a new and very pleasant experience and I hope to be able to meet up with them more in the future.

Do you publish your photographic work anywhere?

Just in my facebook account and for the chief mourners. Unfortunately I don’t like the work to be done afterwards on the computer. The fun is out there in the meeting with the birds. I think that´s why I earlier consciously had held back meeting the birds with a camera lens in between.
But if I´m developing, I might have to put some interest in the computer work and do something about the presentation.

So, you’re not a professional?

No I´m just a happy amateur in photo.

Do you do another activity closed to Nature and wildlife?

I have had the fortune to enjoy a birdringinggroup, Sundregruppen, at the south of the island Gotland, Sweden since the mid seventies and since 15 years in another place south of Stockholm. And my ringinghobby have brought me to participate  in a study of the migration of Sylvia borin, Garden Warbler in front of the Sahara border, mainly on Crete. Beyond that I like to have my camera and binocular close when I travel.

Finally, tell us something about the work we see on this page?

The birds shown here is from a journey to Texas in april 2012. A lot of great meetings with for me new species and characters.


Interview by: J. M. Escarabajal (Birding Murcia)


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