Coastal Mountains

Route 3 Unknown Coast

Leader: Jose Manuel Escarabajal
Participants: PS, ML, MLM, DLM, IC., VH

Kestrel, Crested Lark, Dartford Warbler, Sardinian Warbler, Black Redstart, Bonelli’s Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Black Wheatear, Blue Rock Thrush, Yellow-legged Gull, Hoopoe, Sparrow hawk, Long-tailed Tit, Chaffinch, Crossbill, Crag Martin, Little Owl and Mouflon.

Half-day excursion in which we traveled about 14 kms on some of the more hidden paths of the Murcian coast, between coves and breathtaking views over the Mediterranean Sea.
The road started in an area of characteristic beauty with mosaic landscape: ramblers (dry streams untill it rains), dry farming (or traditional crops) and Mediterranean scrub, dotted with palmettos (small palm species), rosemary, thyme and cornicales( Periploca angustifolia). The flights of Crested larks and kestrels accompanied us during this stretch. The trail gradually gets closer to the coast and soon we see the first sea cliffs and peaks of the coastal range, there awaits the Bonelli’s Eagle and Peregrine Falcon, while in the bushes flitting about are Dartford warblers and Sardinian wrablers. This trail leads to the first coves, where the Mediterranean sea placidly strokes the sand. From here it is easy to see the tireless flight of Yellow-legged gulls in the air and resting amongst the rocky crags and creverses around us. Also we see the presence of the Black wheatears and Blue rock thrush. After passing through several coves and crystal clear waters taking a forest track which climbs up a rock cut between Aleppo pine forests (Pinus halepensis) to let us near the summit.The summit houses a military fortress that once defended the coast. Among the dense vegetation, a small herd of mouflon of Corsica (species of goat) watched us as curious, as us them. The Bonelli’s eagles and Peregrine Falcon re-apper to meet us circling above, and to round off the evening, a spectacular sunset over the southern coast of Murcia while in the distance we see a group of raptors in migration.