“Birding pictures from Western India”

The region of Rajasthan in Western India is an ideal place to practice bird watching. Sudhir Garg, basically a nature lover photographer interested in bird photography, as he describes himself, offers us an excellent example of ornithological wealth of this area.

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You have an extensive collection of pictures. How did began your passion for bird photography? You make this activity professionally or just as an amateur?

I m a golf player playing golf for last 10 years at various courses. During playing golf I found that all the golf courses are good habitat place for various kinds of birds as the grounds are comparatively safe place for breeding, nesting with lots of trees and pollution free atmosphere without lots of traffic and human presence. That developed my interest into birds and later into bird photography…!!

What equipment do you use to get your pictures?

Right  now i m using Nikon D 80 Camera and Nikon 18- 135 mm, Sigma 70-300 mm and 150-500 mm Lens.

Is there a group of birds or species in particular that awaken your interest?

Nothing like that, all type of birds interest me equally.. though colourful birds and big raptors are always seek ur attention more.!!

Where can we find more photographic work such as this that we show in this story?

It can be seen at following links..

I think you’ve got some prizes with your photos, is there any especially important to you?

Not participated so far… My photo just won 2 ‘Best of the Day’ awards on!

Do you collaborate with any conservationist association or some bird club?

Few of them  from time to time as and when need arises.

Is there a great passion for birdwatching and wildlife photography among the population of India? How people perceive in your country nature conservation?

India is one of the best in world over for bird watching, availability of varieties of species and wild life conservation.

As a resident in a country that receives large numbers of tourists think the ornithological tourism is a good resource for bird conservation?

Certainly… it is quite a big resource

In a country as exotic as India, with a nature so exuberant and with presence of a fauna composed of big mammals and reptiles such as tigers, rhinos, elephants, crocodiles …. how can one be decided by the birds?

India is more than that, full of nature, heritage, religious and historic monuments, snow covered mountains, green valley’s with waterfalls.. still huge no of diff species of birds. About 14% of birds all over the bird are in India. Due to religious values birds are not killed and eaten here like in most of other Asian and western countries and for most of the migratory birds India is favourite attracting them from thousands of miles.. That’s why they are still available and growing and breeding in India. Birds are quite innocent, easily accessible and the number of varieties with beautiful colours and action I like photographing them then other animals and reptiles.

How and why born the idea of promoting an International Birding Group on Facebook like BIRDING FRIENDS?

Regarding that Birding group .. it was some accidental .. I had only 2/3 Birding friends with me on my Facebook group. I just wanted to separate them from my other FB members.. so I casually tied to separate these Ids from other and give the casual name Birding Frnds… and then later I realised that I have opened a group… them some more members showed interest.. keep adding them and later formalised all the rules and regulations. Now the total number touching to 4000 app and everyday lots of new members keep adding on. The specificity is all Indian as well as international birds and members are accepted. In case of one other popular group bird pics from Indian subcontinent is allowed only…

Interview by J.M. Escarabajal (Birding Murcia)
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