Sureste Vivo, as part of their ecotourism project, has selected a wide range of guided routes, all included in the programs called WALKINGMURCIA & BIRDINGMURCIA, that make it possible to cover the whole Region of Murcia from North to South and from East to West while discovering the most singular landscapes, the biodiversity, birds and the traditional culture of the Region. Come and immerse yourself in some of the most unknown and extraordinary routes of the Iberian Peninsula!

Our trips are easy to undertake and suitable for everyone. They have been programmed so as to be able to enjoy the routes without haste, the relaxed way, with time to take pleasure in every detail of the landscape. They have been thought at the same time as environment education activities that offer a first approach to the knowledge of the ecosystems, fauna and flora of the Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Our guides will accompany you in the process of getting to know and understand the natural values of the routes we have prepared. You will learn to identify the most characteristic plant species, to identify the birds of prey by the way they fly and to distinguish the most common birds.

From the spectacular views of the coastal mountain ranges to the unknown paths of the valleys and mountains of the central region, an exciting natural experience is awaiting you.

Apart from the organized excursions, which last from half a day to a whole day, we offer the possibility of preparing personalized trips which can vary widely with relation to duration, itinerary or species to be observed. This way the participant can choose among all existing options and design a tailored route, adapted to his/her needs and likes

Check in this section the prices and enrollment fees for the different excursions:

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THE ROUTES (birding or walking)

These are the natural areas and the scenarios in which develop our activities of birding and nature trips

Route 1. Coastal Mountains Range:
Route 2. Central Coast:

Route 3. The Wild Coast

Route 4. Coastal River Beds:

Apart from these excursions (which you can inform about in the drop-down menu), we are preparing a very varied selection of other ones. They will be available very soon. Here is an advance:

Route 5. The Kingdom of the Araar:
Route 6. The Mining Mountain Range:

Route 7. The Eastern Coast:

Route 8. The Troglodyte Coves:

Route 9. Out at Sea:

Route 10. The Western Coast:

Route 11. Pre-coastal Mountain Range:

Route 12. Almenara: Deep Into The Mountain:

Route 13. The Central Massifs:

Route 14. The Inland Mountain Ranges:

Route 15. The Moorish Valleys:

Route 16. The Highlands of Lorca:

Route 17. The River Canyons:

Route 18. The  Rice Valleys:

Route 19. The High Plateau:

Route 20. The Northwest Region:

Route 21. The Argaric Northwest:

Route 22. The Highest Peaks of Murcia:

Route 23. The Lookouts of Vultures:

Route 24. The North Border:

Ruta 25. The Wind Route:

Ruta 26. The Route of the Almon Trees:


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