Two Birders to Go

Immersed in a country with 7,100 islands where geographic and evolutionary processes have produced one of the highest degrees of endemic species known in the world with about 181 species of birds found only in this archipelago, Bob and Cynthia are at the same time, two birdwachers and photographers, making them, as they like to call themselves, in two “ornithographers” who enjoy this ornithological paradise and, with each of his photographs, they want to make us aware of the wonders that nature provides.

© Bob & Cynthia Kaufman

The title of your blog reads “Two Birders To Go”. Are you always together for birding? How long have you share this hobby and how it started in each one of you the interest in nature and birds?

Cynthia and I are always together when we go birding. I have always liked birds ever since I was child. Cynthia became interested after we got married in 2004 (it was a second marriage for both of us – I was a widower and she was a widow when we met in 2003).

What equipment do you use? Are you supporters of Canon or Nikon?

We both use Canon equipment. I have a 5DMarkII with 500mm lens and a 1.4X extender. Cynthia uses a 7D with a 300mm lens plus 1.4X extender as well.

You have a very extensive and beautiful collection of photos of birds with many high quality shots. What techniques you use regularly to get them?

Mostly luck. I believe it was through years of practice – we go birding almost every week since 2004 – that we were able to develop our skills.

What are your favorite birds?

Sunbirds. For now.

Tell us something about the images we see in this gallery.

The images in the gallery are the product of 8 years – and counting – of bird photography. We were in America from 2004 to 2010 and that’s where most of the photos were taken. In 2010 we moved to the Philippines and of course we were photographing Philippine birds. We made some trips to Singapore and Borneo, again for the purpose of taking pictures of the local avifauna.

Living in one of the ten most biodiverse countries in the world should be a privilege for bird lovers. Is there a great passion for birdwatching in The Philippines?

Birdwatching is a growing hobby here in the Philippines. We are members of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP). Right now the membership of this group is around 200. There are also several bird tour companies operating here in the Philippines to promote local birdwatching.

How people perceive in your country nature conservation? What is the main threat to wildlife in the Philippines?

Sadly the Philippines still has a long way to go when it comes to nature conservation. Illegal logging is still rampant. There are still hunters and illegal pet trade going on.  But several conservation groups are now actively communicating with the government to stem these illegal activities.

Do you collaborate with any conservationist association or some birding club?

Yes. The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP) which I mentioned earlier.

Finally, will you give any advice or message from Philippines to birdwatchers around the world?

We have more than 600 species of birds here in the Philippines and at least 200 of them are endemic and found nowhere else. Come visit us – the Philippines is a very friendly country – and enjoy the unique and beautiful birds that we have here.

Interview by: J. M. Escarabajal (Birding Murcia)



These photographs are the private and personal properties of Bob D. Kaufman and Cynthia Kaufman. Please refrain from using them without our written consent. Thank you and God bless!

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